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My services includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify strengths and weaknesses to create a comprehensive health wellness plan.  With timelines and milestones,  adjusting a cost, and a schedule.  


This company is created to fill a need of daily suggestions, reminders, uplifting, inspiring and motivating steps to take to raise and maintain your energy physically and emotionally.  We all must assist others in their awakening or transformation in universal energy.

It is policy that all information is confidential.  There is no sharing, trading or selling of information.  There is no guarantee of wellness, healing or cures.  These are all dependent on your personal desires.  I can guarantee you that I will be attentive, positive and inspiring for you.  I also have a website and facebook group called Journey 2 Joy 101.  

The owner, founder, Paige Pilege is completely fettered in leadership.  Paige has an AABA in Healthcare, Zen Wellness, Chinese Medical Qigong practice since 2013.  Her experience comes from raising an autistic son (now 35) and from lessons learned.  Divorced a 31 year marriage.  She has experienced a few nervous breakdowns but still chooses to help others see the beautiful life that is.  She has created and teaches courses that explain, discuss, and review ways of frequency, and vibrating life energy.  Finding and cultivating the abilities of spiritual intuitive with tarot and coaching.  Currently she is pursuing social media networking team creating.  This is to ensure that all small businesses have their needs completely covered.

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